Peace and Justice Ministries

Our Mission Statement
The St. Mary’s Peace and Justice Ministries strives to be a voice of justice within the parish. Our endeavors focus on raising awareness of issues arising locally, nationally, and internationally, and acting on those social issues.  Our understanding of peace and justice is based upon the teachings of Jesus Christ and the traditions of the Catholic Church.  We seek to promote the recognition of the dignity of people, keeping in mind that “peace is the fruit of daily care to see that each person lives in justice as God intends” (Pope Paul VI).

St. Mary’s Peace and Justice Ministries supports one international and one national Parish/Ministry:
San Sebastian Parish, Retallhuleu, Guatemala

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Our church is one for 14 parishes in the Albany Diocese participating in Pueblo to People, a project of accompaniment with a Sister Parish in Latin America.  To learn more visit

St. Vincent Mission, Inc., P. O. Box 232, David, KY  41616

Visit their website to learn more about their outreach in Appalachia.        

Through various efforts, St. Mary’s Peace and Justice Ministries supports local organizations including: St. Mary’s Food Pantry, The Family Service Association, Habitat for Humanity of Otsego County.  P&J also workings with other organizations and people to supply winter clothing for those in need and school supplies at the beginning of the school year.


Social issues are addressed through 24 hour peace vigils, “sleep ins” to focus on homelessness, sponsoring events focusing on environmental issues, and advocating with school districts to assist those in need meet the demand for specialized school supplies

Interested in more information, joining the committee or volunteering?

Contact: Marjorie Pietraface, 607.432.1385. 
The committee meets once a month on the third Monday.






Prayer and Worship Committee

The Prayer and Worship Committee sets the vision for the liturgical life of the parish.   This is accomplished though planning liturgical services such as Evening Prayer, Parish Retreats and other prayer experiences.  To ensure the integrity of the liturgy and active participation of the people the committee is also responsible the formation and training of liturgical ministers.

Do you have a background in music, environment, or design?  Please prayerfully consider requesting to be on this committee. 






Building and Grounds Committee


Renovation Committee (Ad hoc)

This Ad hoc Committee has been constituted to oversee a comprehensive master plan for the parish, including renovation of the church worship space.  We are currently working with Rev. Richard Vosko, liturgical consultant and the Kerns Group Architectural firm of Virginia.

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