The Sacrament of Holy Orders


The Sacrament of Holy Orders is at the service of the People of God.  Through this sacrament the high priesthood of Jesus Christ is made present in service, Word and charity.  These aspects of the ministry of Jesus Christ nourish the people for the enrichment of the Kingdom of God.  The Sacrament has three Orders: Deacons, Presbyters (Priests) and Bishops.

The role of the Deacon as recorded in the Acts of the Apostles [Acts 6:1-7] is primarily one of charity and service.   Deacons collaborate with the bishop and parish leadership and liturgically may preside over the Sacraments of Baptism and Marriage outside of Mass and the Funeral Rites.  Deacons are Catholic clergy who can be married.

The Priest is a coworker with the Order of Bishops making present the bishop throughout a Diocese.  The priest is commissioned to preach the Word of God and make Christ present in the celebration of the Sacraments.  In collaboration with the rest of the People of God, the priest is responsible for spreading the Gospel, social outreach and the administration of the temporal goods of a parish.

The Bishop is the Chief Shepherd and Priest in a local Church (Diocese).  All bishops are equal in rank and dignity united as a college with the Bishop of Rome.  They are the center of liturgical life in a diocese.

Are you being called by Christ to serve as a Deacon or Priest? 

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