The Sacrament of Holy Marriage


The Sacrament of Marriage, Saint Paul teaches, is a mystery, a sign of the bond between Christ and the Church.  Marriage is a vocation and sign to the world of God’s love for all creation.  The Church rejoices with men and women who come together in mutual love and respect to bless and recognize the goodness that God has begun in them. 


Preparation for the Sacrament of Marriage

  • Please make no arrangements until an initial contact has been made with a priest of the parish to ensure that there are no impediments to marriage in the Catholic Church, your proposed date and a priest or deacon are available.  This initial contact should be made by the couple six months to a year prior to the proposed date of marriage.  Only when these are properly ascertained should other arrangements be made.


  • Priests who are members of a family or are family friends are welcome to come and celebrate the Sacrament, if that is the desire of the couple.  In such an instance, the visiting priest will be responsible for making contact with the parish and completing the paperwork and marriage preparation.
  • Marriage Preparation can take a number of forms and the best form will be decided between the priest and couple.


  • The final step is the preparation of the Liturgy which will include the choice of readings, appropriate music and discussion of the rite.
  • Marriages on Saturday will not be scheduled later than 1:00pm.  A later wedding may be scheduled for after 6:00pm.  This will allow for adequate time for Confessions, the Sunday Vigil Mass and any needed preparation.



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